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UT16Z1 Touch Switch Latching Switch for 16mm Hole

USD $ 10.49

Product Detail

    What You Get:
    1 * Touch Switch
    1 * Instruction

    What's the Touch Switch:
    Touch switch, just touch it! It is different from the push button switch. You don't need to push anything, just touch it! Like touch your smartphone!

    This is a perfect choice if you are in need of a fashion switch! On the front of the switch is an illuminated blue LED ring. On the back there are 4 wires, replace the ordinary terminal pins. Make switch installation a breeze!

    The touch switch is rated for 7A MAX /DC 6-24V.

    What's the Touch Switch Used for:
    Most often the Latching touch switch is used for lights (Such as critical lights, chassis lamp, dome light), or the On/Off function circuits.

    About Latching Switch type:
    The light (device) is off when initially connecting to electricity.
    The light (device) will be on and off by each touch.
    Continue to cycle.

    What's Note:
    *The input power need to be constant-voltage source. A constant-current source (like LED driver, Oupput: DC12-24V 300ma) CANNOT fit the touch switch!
    *The touch switch doesn't work with wet or damp fingers.
    *The touch switch cannot be used in AC circuit. Don't exceed the rating volts! Only DC 6 - 24V.

    What's the Customer Support:
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by E-mail any time. We get professional customer service staff and technician to help you.

    Head diameter: 0.7" ( 18mm )
    Mounting hole size: 5/8" ( 16mm )
    Depth inc contacts: 1.1" ( 28mm )
    Switch Type: Latching Switch
    Input Voltage: DC 6V-24V
    Output Current: 7A MAX
    LED voltage: DC 6V-24V
    LED color: Blue (always ON)
    Head shape: Flat
    Enclosure material: Stainless Steel
    Protection level: IK10
    Electrical life: 500,000 cycles
    Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃